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Stating a YouTube Chanel during Covid-19

I’ve been wanting to start a YouTube Chanel for a while but never felt I had the time to commit to it. Then around mid February the disunion came in that the shop I work at was going to close. My last full day would be end of February and then some time in March to help load trucks for storage and strip the rest of the building for garbage bins.

Sounds like a plan I would spend the better part of March starting a photography channel videos would be about where I would go to shoot that day, not daily vids but original plan was two outing a week.

Then Covid-19 hit and everything closed, couldn’t even rent a truck to finish moving the stuff out of the shop. What does this mean for my photo well I spend some time cleaning the house and making space for myself to work without tripping over something every two minutes.

Once all that was done it had been a week, and every one is saying only go out side if you have to and I don’t.

Just want to add I live in Toronto Canada we were only told to self isolate not shelter in place, so I could have gone outside to take photos if I wanted to but between the news saying don’t go outside, and my anxiety saying don’t go outside I stayed in side and sang the Sponge Bob song about staying indoors.

Still wanting to start making videos I decided my first video was going to be birds in my back yard (Link here) to be honest its not a great video it took all week to film mostly because the only bird that was coming by were Sparrows. Nothing wrong with sparrows but I normally get some Cardinals, Robbins, as well as Starlings and Grackles. I think because of Covid and everything being closed and quiet they could find food in other places so they weren’t coming by the feeder. Or they just don’t like the seed I have.

The next video was Macro in the back yard, again it was a week of filming because of whether also mid March there’s not much in the garden to shoot no colourful flowers. So I let that video fall away till flowers shops opened again more flowers grew in the garden. Around middle of May I finally went back to that video scraped most of what I had already done kept a few things but again I just did a basic video showing some simple B-roll of flowers and over laying the RAW then Edited photo over the video (Link here)

I have a few ideas for other videos and I’m slowly working on them. I am finding when I start ending them I’ve missed filming angles I would like or parts of the setup ex. Gathering materials or changing the angle from top to side.

What have I leaned from these past months

Think ahead about what shots you want in the video, have a back up plan incase of bad weather and stay motivated. How? Good question I’ll let you know if and when I figure it out myself

Well if you made it this far thanks for reading my rambles, if its not clear by now I’m no writer but I hope if I keep doing these shots blog posts I’ll get better

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